Knee Replacement

The knee is the most commonly replaced joint as a result of the pain from osteoarthritis, trauma, inflammatory diseases, and instability. Somewhere around 900,000 knee joints are being replaced annually and studies predict the need is expected to reach over 3 million by 2030. This overwhelming demand creates challenges for patients to find surgeons and medical centers with the kind of experience, skill, and personnel to provide the best care that can be had.

The Joint Care Center at Landmark has some of the most skilled, high-volume knee replacement surgeons in Southwest Florida. Using the most innovative techniques, efficient operating room teams, and patient-centric pain management techniques allows our surgeons to provide patients with an uncompromised surgical result. Combined with the high technology operating rooms that limit infectious pathogens to a bare minimum, dedicated physical therapists, nurses, and patient care technicians, The Joint Care Center at Landmark will provide patients an experience that can be had at very few hospitals in the country.

You will be up walking immediately after surgery with the help of the therapy team and your family. The advanced pain management skills of our anesthesia team allow for improved pain control and will allow our patients to confidently walk the halls with little assistance. As a result, most patients should expect to leave the hospital after just a one-night stay, and go home without being placed in a nursing facility for weeks on end.

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