“Since the day I came in and met Kathleen to the time I got discharged, every step of the way is excellent. I was in a big University Hospital, I had a horrible experience, and I’ve never recovered from there. Landmark Hospital by far is the best hospital I’ve ever been to date, staff was great, and meals were great!” — Tom Lawler

“I found my time at Landmark a very positive experience. The staff was extremely attentive, and the facility is clean, modern and well-equipped.”— Patricia Nash

“This is my second stay at Landmark. If I have a choice, I would always choose this surgeon and this hospital. Everybody did a great job from start to finish, it’s top of the line at Landmark Hospital.” — Paul Brinkopf

“This takes time; plan accordingly for a good outcome. The surgeon is the number one man. Chip was very thorough and very good. The dry hydrogen peroxide that you have at the hospital is a wonderful thing, people need to know about it.”  — Calvin

“I highly recommend the hospital and the whole program, it’s like a well-oiled machine, don’t change anything. It is one thing to have good people that enjoy what they are doing, very knowledgeable. They all care about the patient, high quality program. Lots of my neighbors are asking me because I’m the guinea pig, I told them that if I have to go back for the other knee, your hospital is where I’m going. I am extremely satisfied.” — Ed Morris

“Everyone did an outstanding job; the entire staff was phenomenal. It’s only been a week, I have not used the walker, I’m carrying the cane around but I’m ready to throw it out. I was not sure about doing this surgery because of a bad experience from doing the other hip at a different hospital; the memory of that experience was bad. I’m glad I did it! I am now able to get in and out of bed without difficulty, I quickly recuperated. I am very pleased on what transpired, completely different from my first experience. This was a very, very good experience. I will recommend the hospital, Dr. Zehr and the entire Landmark team to everyone.” — Michael Bode

“It’s a great hospital, I have been in several hospitals in Chicago, this is definitely first-class. Nurses were great at all times, get them a raise, they deserve it!” — Bill DeCicco

“I was treated like a king at Landmark Hospital; it was such a wonderful experience. Please make sure to let everyone know.” — Joseph Quarto

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