The medical field is constantly reaping the benefits of advancements in technology. Whether incorporated into physical equipment or electronic systems, the outcome is the same — better results at faster speeds with improved safety. At The Joint Care Center we are constantly searching for the best technology available to give you the best surgical outcomes possible.

Synexis™ Biodefense System

The science is complicated, the result is simply amazing. By transforming hydrogen peroxide to a gaseous state, Synexis makes it possible to reduce bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold in a contained area. It’s an immune system for a building, a continuously operating, sustainable, safe, and natural disinfecting process for the very air you breathe. Read more about our germ-free environment.

ChartPad® EHR

This voice-activated, subscription-based electronic health record software was developed by clinicians for clinicians. The speech recognition capabilities offer the power and ease of dictation and eliminates transcription costs – and transcription mistakes! Your clinical care team has easy and immediate access to your records, including your medication records. A built-in messaging platforms allows your team to easily communicate with each other about your condition.

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