At The Joint Care Center we have invested in the best equipment available, giving our surgeons and staff every advantage possible in providing superior joint care to you.

Arthrex Synergy UHD4™

The Arthrex Synergy UHD4 imaging system is the world’s first autoclavable 4K ultra high definition camera and image management system. But it’s more than just a pretty picture! The wireless capabilities allow our surgeons to collect intraoperative images, storing them on a tablet or other device for enhanced medical record processing. Watch this video to see Synergy in action.

The Hana® Table

The unique patient positioning capabilities of the Hana® table allow our highly skilled hip specialists to put the operative leg and hip into the best alignment possible for hip replacement surgery through the “direct anterior approach.” Our hip replacement surgeons can then perform this specialized, minimally invasive, small incision surgery without detaching the muscles as required in traditional hip replacement. The table features unique carbon fiber spars that allow for the unimpeded use of fluoroscopic X-ray evaluation of the implanted hip prosthesis. This assures equal leg length, proper alignments and rotation of the components.




Clear X-ray imaging is often required during surgery to evaluate the position of implants, align a fracture or observe the motion of a joint. A fluoroscope, or “C-Arm,” is the best technology to provide these real-time views.


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