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The First of its Kind

The Joint Care Center is housed within the campus of Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida, a critical care hospital located in beautiful Naples, Florida. JCC is dedicated to joint health. This specialty focus allows us to invest our time and resources in assembling and equipping the orthopedic industry’s finest surgeons. The result is a perfect balance between high tech and high touch – procedures performed by highly skilled professionals using the most advanced instrumentation available in a pristine facility that is second to none.

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The Finest Surgeons in SWFL

We have assembled a diverse, talented, and experienced group of orthopedic surgeons whose specialties have you covered from head to toe. They are consistent award-winners, garnering professional honors from the most respected organizations in the nation. They are innovators and inventors — in short, they are industry leaders. They are invested in Southwest Florida, establishing their private practices in Lee and Collier counties and raising their families in our Gulf Coast paradise.

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The Most Advanced Technology

At The Joint Care Center, we have built a spacious environment focused on precision, safety, and quality. Our four operating rooms are designed for efficiency and furnished with the finest equipment available. We employ technologies you won’t find anywhere else in the area, including a whole-building disinfection system, the most advanced imaging system on the market, and a proprietary electronic health record system that improves communication among your health care team.

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